How Can Serracel Help You?

Published: 29th March 2011
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Serracel works just like the original enzymes in our body and contains pure serratiopeptidase. This is better known as serrapeptase. It was discovered inside the intestine of silkworms but today, you can make better use of it inside your own body. Its main function is to digest proteins. At first, serrapeptase was used for digesting dead tissue. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory to help degenerate blood clots, cysts, scar tissue and arterial plaque. It is necessary that these donít form in the blood for it to flow smoothly inside the body. There should be no obstruction to blood flow.

Looks after Injuries

Injury brings up inflammation and pain which is very often experienced in the body. We think that by taking medicines, the pain will be gone. Medicines do get rid of the pain and heal the bruises, but they help develop side effects like gastrointestinal pain. Instead of curing the injury right from its roots, the medicines only help the injury to subside temporarily. Serracel is the supplement which helps to cure the disease completely. By getting rid of the dead tissue, it does not allow fluid retention. This stops the swelling and also the pain. The proteins are also easily digested which makes you feel healthy. And when the digestion is taken care of, you wonít have to worry about gastrointestinal pain.

Takes Care of Sports Injuries

There was a time when systemic enzymes were considered necessary to treat sports injuries. They not only got rid of the pain but also healed the injuries. Studies were conducted to compare the effect of both proteolytic and systemic enzymes on sports injuries. A research conducted in Germany involved 100 athletes. Each athlete had to give 2 cubic cm of blood from his anticubital vein which was again inserted back in the right forearm to create a blood clot or hematoma. 50 such athletes were given placebo pills and the rest proteolytic enzymes. The athletes taking proteolytic enzymes healed faster showing that Serracel is more effective in treating sports injuries.

Takes Care of Surgery Patients

The fact that people with sports injuries could recover faster with this supplement suggested that it could also help surgery patients. When research was conducted on this aspect, it led to many facts. 33 people agreed to the test and were given this supplement after they had undergone surgery for ruptured knee ligament. 33 more such people were given placebo pills. Results pointed to the fact that the 33 people given serrapeptase recovered faster. This showed that Serracel was very effective in treating patients with surgery.

Takes Care of Patients with Airway Disease

Apart from surgery and sports injuries, the enzyme supplement also helps treat people with airway disease. This research was conducted in Japan which showed that chronic patients of airway disease felt better after taking serrapeptase. 29 people gave the test out of which 15 were given 30 gm of serrapeptase every day and the rest were not given any medication. After a month, it was noticed that people who took Serracel has less coughing and expectoration. They had no breathing problems. Thus, the enzyme supplement helps heal many diseases.

Amelia Johnson takes great interest in studying the functions of enzymes on the various functions of the body. She believes that Serracel is effective in improving the metabolic functionalities of human body. She has several articles online on the effectiveness of Serracel.

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